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Television is evolving. Average price per minute for TV programming has been going one way for decades: down.

If you want to keep the status quo or do better, then the solution is two-fold: increase your volume and become more efficient.

With this in mind, it’s time for you to reconsider the constellations of spreadsheets, emails, PDFs, phone calls, scribbled notes, and go for the alternative. With the Uberportal platform you get up to date information on all aspects of your operation including the external stakeholders involved in your productions.

Legacy workflows in TV production management are often without universal standards. This adds an unnecessary amount of overhead cost. With the Uberportal platform and its huge diversified toolbox, you will not only reduce your overhead but also minimize the stress levels of your staff and crews whose productivity will increase as a consequence.

In addition to the logistic advantages, you are also able to instantly produce reliable call sheets based on your captured data. Financial statements and reports can also be pulled on demand by you or your management.

Uberportal is the must-have platform for any visionary enterprise that is striving to sail through the next digital revolution – Uberportal is your new standard of TV production management.

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