Executive Summary

True Enterprise Solution

Uberportal provides Single Source of Truth (SSoT) to all stakeholders. It brings all your silos into play on one platform and makes them overlap where needed. It is built on a solid framework with a departmental structure identifying the differences in production and resource-based entities. Giving you real-time finance overview, individual branding, strong level user groups security for both in-house and external stakeholders i.e. vendors and clients. All functions supported by a comprehensive audit tracking. UP gives you an easy to own solution with low TCO, no CAPEX and no need for infrastructure or special IT-skills.

New Thinking for the Industry

The platform contains tools and approaches which have never been seen or made available to the television production segment before. Its unique framework allows you to introduce new workflows and processes leading to a flat organisation and lean operation with high transparency to all levels. It eliminates the need for multiple “islands” and silos – and the connected data in/out transactions. A key philosophy in our global end-to-end digital transformation is that “the process starts inside the client’s domain and ends inside the client’s domain”- regardless of whether that client is internal or external.

Intuitive User Interface Leveraging the latest Technologies

Uberportal provides a large modern and intuitive toolbox which is developed using innovative and disruptive thinking. With UP we raise the productivity bar and are likely to create new standards for the industry. The solid modular architecture, supported by the power of Microsoft’s datacentres guarantees high performance and resilience. The Uberportal platform is built with an API giving an easier and shorter time to market for bespoke modules, along with the ability for seamless integrations with other enterprise solutions.

100% Cloud

Uberportal is a zero-installation environment, with no backend requirements for hardware, software or any kind of infrastructure. It offers full scalability with elasticity on both application and database services to meet any need. The platform is fully compliant with EU, UK and German data protection standards with all data using SSL encryption and kept on EU soil. UP Includes powerful integration options to able to stay connected to other cloud domains or on-premises installations.