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Good at telling Stories?

Nothing like a good old Ambassador

We need ambassadors all over the world! If you are a true believer of the UberCrew concept and you are maybe a freelancer, a production manager or just working in the industry – and you possess a good level of one or more of these skills:

  • Communication
  • Social skills
  • Social Networking and Marketing
  • Graphics and web development

– and you are willing to put some time into making the UberCrew vision true global – then we will love to hear from you.

The ambassadors are to make the UberCrew concept known to every corner of the industry in their region. Through events and other marketing activities you are to spread the UC awareness. Your success will be measured through the increase in freelancers, production companies and business partners in your region.

We cannot offer you diplomatic status or immunity, but we can offer you an opportunity to be part of something big, which will be changing how we hire talent in our business. It will also be an opportunity for you to build up real-life experience in the above areas, which over time could lead to better jobs in future. You will together with the start-up team be setting up objectives and targets for your region. You will also work across with ambassadors from other regions to exchange notes on experience.

The UC vision is true disruptive and centered around a smartphone app, intelligent algorithms and a strong business model. We have seen other industries which have been turned upside down – for the better – based on similar factors.

  • Facebook; the largest media provider in the world – produces no contents
  • AirBnB; the largest accommodation provider in the world – owns no property
  • Uber; the largest taxi company in the world – owns no vehicles
  • Alibaba; the largest retailer in the world – have no inventory.

Next could be…
UberCrew; the largest human resource provider to TV in the world – have no employees.

The television industry is traditionally ultra conservative (sorry guys!) and is not used to disruptive solutions or big changes in general. So only through a strong and united effort will we over time be able to raise the bar. It will not happen overnight, but without a vision and willingness to execute, nothing will happen for sure. Our challenge is, to make the transition curve as steep as possible with the shortest possible time. This is why we need you!

The UberCrew concept is a true win-win model, offering huge advantages to both sides of the table. It is a free service for the freelancer (standard subscription) and is offered to production people at a small nominal annual fee. Our revenue streams are freelancer’s Premium subscriptions, production companies’ annual subscriptions, ads and donations from business partners. We currently rely on many people’s voluntary efforts.

We need you – so get in touch with us now by filling below form – it will for sure be a fun, interesting and educational journey leading to a change of the world. If you feel like you are cut out for this, use the form and tell us a bit about yourself, your region in relation the media industry (if not obvious) and how you will be able to assist as an UC ambassador.

Let’s round this section off by quoting a very visionary man:

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world – are the ones who do.”   Steve Jobs


Best regards,