We are NOT a Software Company!

We are a visionary management consulting company

dedicated to the TV industry using cloud technology as a

framework for executing on our visions

The whole team is passionate and dedicated to the TV industry. We add value to the whole supply chain through our Uberportal.tv framework, enabling you to think differently, make your organisation flatter and adapt the vision and standards which have already been successfully implemented at some of the major players the TV production market.


We have fully adopted the famous statement from Steve Jobs:


“The people who are crazy enough to think

they can change the world

are the ones who do.”

For almost three decades, our founder has been working on a goal to improve workflows in the creative and dynamic television environment. Aiming to reduce the stress levels and daily firefighting by creating rules and standards which are likely to become industry process norms. This deep and thorough understanding of the industry, its people and general business attitudes has enabled us to build a portal which is the gateway to the future – a future that embraces AI.

Back in the early 90s, the post-production players in Soho, London said “It can’t be done” when we suggested they replace the barber-shop booking book with a computer-based scheduling software.

By the end of the decade, it was no longer an issue. Everyone believed it could be done – because they were doing it. Instead, the focus moved to whether we could integrate our scheduling systems with the accounting package. This is also yesterday’s news.

Things that today are facts and industry standards were once sacred cows. Untouchable. But we are still hearing those familiar doubtful statements about new visions.

As the technology bar moves ever upwards, the industry’s scepticism towards new thinking and business improvements remains very much the same.

Despite tons of creative and dynamic people, the TV industry is one of the most conservative around. Changes are generally not welcomed. No matter if it is in London, Munich, New York or Los Angles. The general answer we get to the question “Why are you doing it in this way?” is…
“We have always done it this way”. This is what we call the “Lemming Syndrome”.

Uberportal.tv is a unique and powerful platform and the result of our clear vision for improving the workflow in a full stack TV production environment.

Our approach has always been disruptive. We have tried to provoke debate – to jolt the industry into sitting up and taking notice. We may have ruffled some feathers along the way, but in the end our clients always see the logic and rationale.

Our goal has been to challenge the status quo and drive change. We truly believe we are the only people with the experience and expertise to provide a real, viable alternative to the way TV production is managed today.

Optimisation is not a goal – it is an ongoing process.