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The Uberportal solution offers television production an A-Z digital transformation of the workflows behind the cameras. Based on new and disruptive thinking, Uberportal lifts the TV production management efficiency level to a new high based on known and proven principles from other industries. UP brings LEAN to television production.

The portal enables you to optimise processes from budget to delivery and provide your users with powerful instruments to enhance their daily work. All leading to a substantial increase in throughput and higher profitability.

By using the Microsoft Azure Cloud, UP not only gives you scalability and mobility for your production teams but also gives adds transparency to the organisation ranging from top to bottom, without compromising safety, security or EU standards data protection compliance. Uberportal is for everyone in television production who has a high volume of repetitive throughput or who wants to ensure a better framework to work and grow within.

Act with intelligence


15/85 is the approximate average ratio for mainstream television production between in-house and external resources. For decades the television production community has become more and more based – and reliant on – external vendors and freelancers. This trend is increasing. Yet, the industry systems and workflows do not take this fact into consideration.

It is no longer about one-off relationships. It is about remaking the industry, creating a new eco-systems, markets and market-places. The TV industry must think holistically. They must think ecosystem and meet the world where it is. They must think end-to-end-supply-chain. Then, disrupt or optimise to that level. Uberportal.tv is disruptive with focus on the 85%.

Grow without growing pains

RM vs PM

We often hear ‘Resource Management’ and ‘Production Management’ being used as synonyms. This is incorrect. It is important to understand the definitions correctly in order to understand how these phases impact on work and business. RM and PM generally require the same data, but it is being viewed from different angles with very different KPIs, most often contradictory. Our definitions of the respective KPIs are:

Resources Management: To maximize utilisation of resources with as many satisfied clients as possible.

Production Management: To deliver programs within a given timeframe and a given budget

UP focuses on Production Management. UP provides an end-to-end solution with power-tools for the Production Managers/ Line Producers’ to deal their daily tasks and challenges. But appreciating the importance of solid Resource Management as a pre-requisite for successful production.

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A top professional, yet easy-to-use solution, which costs far less than what you would expect. We meet your budget and secure fast ROI.


The founders have decades been working with TV solutions. We have now leverage on all this experience and make it all available to you in the cloud.


Uberportal has a modern and easy readable user interface, which makes it easy  for new users to get on board and quickly become productive.


Using Microsoft’s data centers worldwide gives an important reassurance to operate a mission critical application in the cloud with compliance.


Knowing your business from the inside as well as every corner of our solution, we are able to support and help you adding value beyond expectations.

THORSTEN SPECKGroup IT Director, Constantin Medien AG, Munich

JASON TOMKINSMD at Silverglade, London

ALEX BLAISSEOperations Manager, IMG Media, Stockley Park


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