We industrialise television production.

We are challenging the old practices and improving workflows by leveraging global thinking and proven management philosophies from other industries.

We provide a single, cloud-based platform that marries lean and efficient logistics with holistic cost-management in real-time across the entire TV production supply chain.

The industry has a serious case of

– lemming syndrome –

which needs dealing with before we can expect

any significant increase in productivity.


Start working smarter

Futureproof your Business

Excel has its place, but it is not for managing workflows, and it is certainly not for production management. Our challenge was to become better than Excel in speed, agility, flexibility and general ease of use. This, along with a true multi-user environment and a strong database design gives you the power needed. After 35 years the spreadsheet-era in our industry is over.


Uberportal offers Single Source of Truth (SSoT) through the entire process. Your planning data can be examined from many perspectives, all depending on the stakeholder, improving accuracy, consistency and workload. Each role has its own touchpoint giving users quick and easy access to information wherever they happen to be.


Our “360”-approach to managing productions gives you a fully transparent operation which leads to less firefighting and improved productivity. Everyone benefits. Clients, PMs, vendors, executives and operation staff. Whether you are handling two productions or 200, the stress threshold will remain the same. Uberportal simply enables you to eliminate weak links.

Catch the Big Fish – Think Global

One of the key points in our TV production management concepts we call 15/85.


Productions are to a still greater extent fuelled by freelancers, specialists and external vendors. If your solutions only cater for the in-house resources, you will only be in control of the 15%. Leaving an enormous 85% of your business as a blind angle.


So, think global – go for the big catch by engaging and connecting with your valuable assets outside your company’s walls – your clients, your freelancers and your vendors.


With Uberportal each of these external stakeholders will have a dedicated profile to access a corner of the portal. This not only provides them with all relevant information, but also gives them the opportunity to provide us with vital data throughout the process, giving an accurate and comprehensive overview of multiple productions in real-time.


Forget about the small fry. This global and holistic approach to production management will mean you catch the big fish too.


Huge Toolbox

We often hear ‘Resource Management’ and ‘Production Management’ being used as synonyms. This is incorrect. It is important to understand the definitions correctly in order to understand how these phases impact on work and business. RM and PM generally require the same data, but it is being viewed from different angles with very different KPIs, most often contradictory. Our definitions of the respective KPIs are:


Resources Management: To maximize utilisation of resources with as many satisfied clients as possible.


Production Management: To deliver programs within a given timeframe and a given budget


UP focuses on Production Management. UP provides an end-to-end solution with power-tools for the Production Managers/ Line Producers’ to deal their daily tasks and challenges. But appreciating the importance of solid Resource Management as a pre-requisite for successful production.

Ride the Cloud

Cloud services are rewriting the rules of business and revolutionising the way people work.


Uberportal is a 100% cloud-based SaaS solution. There are no software downloads or plug-ins. You can log-in on the move from any device. Whether you are at home, in the office or on location, all of your key production information is available to you.


It offers full scalability with elasticity on both application and database services to meet any need. The platform is fully compliant with EU, UK and German data protection standards including the latest EU standard GDPR to protect private data. All data traffic is using SSL encryption and all databases are kept on EU or UK soil.


Uberportal offers powerful integration options enabling enterprises to stay connected to other cloud domains or on-premises installations.

Some companies who have chosen to work with us

See what they are saying

BIG Productions Ltd

Anna Bevort, Head of Production

“It was not love at first sight. But it grows on you because you know it’s right. Now we just love it! Stringent and solid”

Bilderfest Gmbh

Dietmar Lyssy, Geschäftsführer

“Thank you so much for escorting us into the future of our business”

IMG Media Ltd

David Shield, SVP Global Director Technology

Constantin Medien AG

Thorsten Speck, IT Director

“Uberportal was the optimal platform fitting right into our overall cloud strategy. It has successfully simplified our IT landscape, reduced the costs and given us the opportunity to conduct a full digital transformation.”

Intuitive responsive

user interface

with real-time

check for business rules


Run Uberportal.tv wherever you are, whenever you want from any device in any browser. No plugins. No hassle.


Just sign up to get the amazing benefits through a flat monthly fee. No perpetual licenses. No CAPEX. Low TCO. Better cash flow.


Enhanced and simplify your complex workflow. Reduce manual data entry to a minimum. Save time, reduce errors and improve your bottom line.


A professional, easy-to-use solution which costs far less than you would expect. We meet your budget and secure fast ROI.


The founders have worked with TV solutions for three decades. We have leveraged all this experience and made it available to you out-of-box from the cloud.


Uberportal has a modern and easy readable user interface, which makes it easy  for new users to get on board and quickly become productive.


Using Microsoft’s data centers worldwide gives an important reassurance to operate a mission critical application in the cloud with compliance.


Knowing your business from the inside as well as every corner of our solution, we are able to support and help you adding value beyond expectations.

This could be the beginning of a

beautiful relationship

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